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In that time period my exhusband left, and I came dangerously close to losing my job, which would have also cost me custody of my child.

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Currently, I act as a counselor in SL and am working with five or six people who have been hurt in real life, or have PTSD or other health problems.

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The problem with Second-Life is … it just sucks!

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A place for discussing, criticizing or complaining about reddit and its "circlejerks.

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They sometimes pay to attend concerts and often tip the performers in the virtual venues.

I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf mutes … or should I?

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Hear his raspy breathing.

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I lie there in the dark and silence, grateful that the gym was closed on Monday and Tuesday for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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I held eye contact and moved on to the next ball.

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My pants slid down my legs, and I realized he'd gotten up.

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Braving the path alone and pressing on because he had faith that it would all be worth it some day.

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